About Us

We are artisan coffee roasters who are fortunate to live on the beautiful "Emerald Coast" of Northwest Florida just minutes from Navarre Beach.  Our beautiful pristine beach, surrounded by the Eglin AFB Test Range and the Gulf Island National Seashore is home to several nesting sea turtle species.  We often get to see the nests, watch sea turtles from the pier, and have seen them snorkeling and diving in various areas.

When we decided to become coffee roasters, we wanted our coffee to represent a purpose and not profit. The sea turtle is near and dear to our heart because of our experience.  When you purchase your coffee from us, you are not only buying premium artisan roasted coffee, you are partnering with organizations dedicated to preserving these majestic creatures.  Sea turtles are critical to the ecosystem of our oceans which are crucial for the farms that grow our coffee (and everything else!)

Rare Kemp's ridley nest at Pensacola Beach


Note: Our $1 donation to occurs automatically when you make a purchase. Loggerhead Coffee Roasters does not receive the donation funds.