Our Coffee

Ethically sourced and fresh roasted coffee is at the heart of our core values.  At loggerhead we believe our God given responsibility is to care for our fellow humans and steward our planet well.  We seek to ethically source the best beans from around the world.  Our coffee features mostly single origin coffees from the nations where sea turtles nest. 

We roast your coffee when you order and deliver it fresh to your door.  $1 from each bag purchased is donated to sea turtle conservation efforts through registered 501(c)3 organizations in Florida. 

When you choose our coffee, you don't just get a delicious cup of joe, you are also helping to preserve one of natures most beautiful creatures - the sea turtle.  You can find out more here.


Note: Our $1 donation to is split between a few organizations and occurs automatically when you make a purchase. Loggerhead Coffee Roasters does not receive the donation funds.