Sea Turtle Conservation

The sea turtle is one of nature’s curiosities. It is also in great danger. There are 7 species of Sea Turtles. The Loggerhead is the most common; followed by the green sea turtle, leatherback, hawksbill, flatback, olive ridley and the Kemp’s ridley turtle.

Loggerhead Head

Sea turtles journey between land and sea and swim thousands of ocean miles during their long lifetimes. They wait decades until they can reproduce, returning to the same beaches where they were born to lay their eggs. Females can lay hundreds of eggs in one nesting season, yet few will yield hatchlings that survive their first year of life. Beyond these significant natural challenges, sea turtles face multiple threats caused by humans, such as bycatch in commercial fishing gear, illegal trade, consumption, loss of habitat, and pollution.

For Loggerhead coffee this is a personal commitment to help both the coffee farmer and the planet. We believe it is our God given responsibility to steward our planet’s resources well and care about our neighbors. Ethically sourcing our coffee from reputable organizations means farmers are treated with dignity they deserve.  Using our financial resources to help an endangered species give us purpose instead of just profit.

Living near the breeding grounds of several species of sea turtles, we have seen the nests, we have seen the problems they encounter due to human encroachment, and we have had many opportunities to view them in their natural habitat. They are graceful, magnificent creatures that require our help to survive. Our desire to help preserve these incredible animals for our children, grandchildren and generations to come, through awareness, education, and tangible contributions to turtle conservation efforts. A portion of profits from sales of Loggerhead brand coffees will be donated to US based conservation efforts

Note: Our $1 donation to conservation is split among 501(c)3 organizations and occurs automatically when you make a purchase. Loggerhead Coffee Roasters does not receive the donation funds.